What is Earthy Ecosystem?

Earthy is a revolutionary platform that aims to connect and empower people as well as philanthropic and humanitarian projects across the globe.

What is the current status of the Earthy Ecosystem?

We have successfully launched our testnet, as well as the beta version of our application and are actively working towards releasing the final version of our application as well as listing the earthy currency on exchanges across the globe. We're excited to onboard projects that align with our mission.

How transparent is fund allocation and project tracking?

Earthy places a high value on transparency and integrity. Every transaction and fund allocation can be traced on the blockchain, allowing for real-time monitoring of project impact and fund utilization.

What kind of projects can join Earthy?

Earthy is open to projects that are focused on making a positive impact in areas such as environmental sustainability, social justice, education, and more. If your project is making a net positive impact in the world, it is welcome on our platform